Tips To Pack and Maximise Your Storage Space

Have you finally realised the importance of a neat and tidy storeroom in your home? Are you dreading spending hours inside the warm and stuffy room trying to find something you need? It is always good to have more space available for storage, but space is a luxury in land scarce Singapore but there are solutions out there which are cost effective. Self storage facilities allow you to store things in a safe place and access it whenever you need to. The best thing about self storage is that you pay for what you use and you will want to maximise your storage space. Here are some tips for you to pack and maximise the space.


Always plan what are the things you want to store and how you intend to store them. Items with the same shape should be kept together. This is because they are able to fit better and minimise any excess free spaces between them, allowing you to fully fill up all the voids present and maximising space.

Packing your boxes tightly

When you are packing your things, you want the box to be packed tightly. Have excess space will cause the things inside to move around when you are shifting it. This undesired movement can cause damage to the items. Since excess space is inevitable, try filling up the small spaces with items such as toys and figurines. This simple action can help you save quite a bit of space. Make sure you are able to tape the box opening well for a firm seal.

Think out of the box

Quite honestly, it is impossible to increase the storage space without incurring extra cost. However, it is possible to maximise space using some out of the box ideas. Notice that huge refrigerator or wardrobe that is taking up a huge chunk of your storage unit and irks you out? Have you considered storing things inside the refrigerator or wardrobe instead? These empty spaces within things can actually help to maximise your storage space by a lot. Imagine all the individual shelves and drawers in the wardrobe. You can easily store clothes, toys and even accessories in an organised manner without even having to purchase storage boxes. Refrigerators doors are also sealed and this function will help you to prevent insects from damaging your delicate items such as your expensive clothing or electronic items.

Since you cannot get more space without paying extra, you can use the empty space within the space to store more things. Simple thinking and ideas can help you save quite a fair bit of money.