What is Defensive Spray?

Defensive spray can be made from three chemicals: OC, CN, and CS.

OC (oleoresin capsicum) is an ingredient of

pepper spray. Pepper spray works by inducing

immediate burning sensation of the skin and a burning, tearing, and swelling of

the eyes.

Tear gases (CN and CS) are irritants. They cause profuse

tearing, an intense burning sensation to the face and disorientation. Tear gas

may not work if an attacker is drunk or on drugs.

There are different combinations, sizes and patterns in

defensive sprays. For example, Mace Triple Action spray is a combination of OC

and CN tear gas. But the majority of defensive sprays on the market are pepper


Also when buying pepper spray you should consider the size of

a unit. The smallest size is 0.5 ounces and the biggest is bear spray which

contains 9.2 ounces. Small spray is good enough for most situations. Put it on a

keychain or a belt so you can easily access it in an emergency. For home

or car use you should purchase larger sprays.

Pepper sprays come in two patterns: stream and fogger.

STREAM is designed to release pinpoint

accurate shots of the pepper spray on a selected target and can be used indoors

or outdoors (especially good in windy conditions). Advantages – pinpoint

accuracy, excellent control and less cross contamination. Disadvantages – No

inhalation effects, and it must be aimed, which may be difficult when under

attack. FOGGER is designed to release a large amount of pepper spray at

one time, covering a large area, and is best suited for outdoor use. Advantages

– the pepper spray is easily inhaled, and it covers multiple targets.

Disadvantages – the pepper spray is quickly emptied, can be carried by the wind,

and can cause cross contamination.

And the most resent Mace innovation you should

consider is Pepper Gel. The gel formula sticks to the face of an

assailant leaving them temporarily blinded.

It sticks to anything, less contaminating, stronger

pepper, non-flammable, and even shoots further, up to 18 ft.