Sump Pump Backup Systems

Of all the residential homes in the United States, upwards of 85% of them will experience a problem with flooding sooner or later. Any basement equipped home is even more prone to this problem, and if your home has a basement, it should have a sump pump installed and properly maintained in good working order.

Short of the creek raising, a well working sump pump is very effective at protecting a basement from flooding. But like almost any other machine, it can break down, especially if not properly maintained on a regular basis. When that happens, a breakdown is likely to happen when you need it the most – now you’re in trouble. This is where the backup sump pump system comes into play – to provide a fail safe setup to protect your basement.

Backup pumping systems that supplement the main, or primary setup are necessitated by the need for uninterruptible availability of water removal from the basement. A battery is usually the source of power for a system like this but often an emergency power generator is used to power the backup setup.

When shopping for a backup, you should look for one that can be powered from several different power sources such as the previously mentioned emergency generator or battery array. A truly failsafe setup will have multiple sources of power to take over in the event of any single point of failure. Multiple pumps, with multiple sources of power.


A sump pump is not a simple piece of machinery. Installation of the pump, the required plumbing work, and the electrical hookups should not be tempted by someone without specific expertise with these systems. The consequences of a botched install are too expensive to think about. So unless you are very knowledgeable of these systems, it’s best to pay the labor of a professional installer.

Installation is a simple task for a professional installer. If you let them do the job the cost is small compared to what could happen with a botched install, including fire or leaky pipes. They will warranty the work being done, and you will sleep better at night knowing your family and your basement are well protected.

If you’re purchasing from a local retailer, some of them will offer installation services for free or for minimum fee. Be sure to ask about that while you’re shopping around. If they don’t offer installation, then you will need to factor the minor investment into your budget.

As with any system that is critical in your home, you should have a fail-over over system to take up the slack in the event of failure. Like most critical systems, failure is most likely to happen when you need the system the most. Make sure you’re protected against a flooded basement with a backup sump pumping setup.