Three Steps for Keeping Your Property Wildlife Free

As wonderful as wildlife is, it can become a real problem if your home or property is targeted by them. Once wildlife has decided to settle near or on your property, it can be difficult to remove them. In order to prevent this from happening, read on. Below are three steps you can take to help keep your property wildlife free.

1: Keep your property clean and tidy

Prevent attracting wildlife to your property by keeping it clean and tidy. Make sure that you secure any outside garbage bins and that no food items are thrown onto the ground (such as banana skins, apple cores etc). Do not put out pet foods or bird food, and keep small livestock, such as chickens secure. These items are typical attractions for wild animals, so be vigilant. All organic food matter that you wish to compost should be placed within a well secured compost bin. Make sure the bin cannot be tipped over or rummaged through.

2: Secure your property

Don’t provide easy access into your home. Make sure that areas such as vents, decking and open chimney ways are impenetrable, and that you carry out regular seasonal checks on these area. Wildlife such as squirrels, skunks and raccoons, look for comfortable dry shelter, particularly in colder seasons, and homes are a prime target. Make sure that you regularly clean out your guttering, and keep long branches trimmed, as they can access to your property. A word of warning, however, before you seal up any areas in which wildlife can seek shelter. Always check that no animals are already habiting inside. A way to check this is to loosely plug entry points with cloth or paper. If there are animals already residing inside, they will push aside the cloth or paper, which will let you know there are inhabitants. If after a few days there is no sign of life, seal up the area.

3: Get the professionals in

If it turns out you already have inhabitants residing in your property, then call out a professional company to take care of the issue. Do not attempt to try capture or rid the problem yourself. It can be extremely dangerous to try to remove wildlife, and there may also be local regulations and laws in place for how wildlife is handled and removed. Calling up a professional company will ensure the safe removal of the unwanted wildlife in the most appropriate manner. Make sure that you contact a reputable pest control or wildlife animal removal company. A reputable company will be experienced in wildlife removal such as squirrel removal, raccoon removal and bird control. They will also be able to deal with other pest problems such as cockroach control, and mice & rat control. Check the credentials of any company you intend to use, and make sure they have all the required permits needed to carry out the removal legally. Pest and wildlife control companies can be found in your local directory or online.