Advantages to Using Natural Pest Control

Many people are dealing with bed bug infestations. Over the past decade, they have been making their way into urban and suburban areas. The problem has gotten so bad that even high end hotels and businesses need to call in exterminators to prevent infestations.

Most exterminators use toxic sprays to remove bed bugs. While this method may be effective in getting rid of the bed bugs, many people do not want to expose their home or business to these hazardous chemicals. A lot of people are using safe and environmentally friendly alternatives for things. There are many types of natural pest control products and methods that are available. Here are some of the techniques and products that an environmentally friendly exterminator will use:

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM) or integrated pest control (IPC) is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of pest control solutions. The goal is to use the appropriate amount of pesticides that will decrease the overall amount of insects while still not harming the environment. Many exterminators used different IPM methods.

Determine if Pesticides are Necessary

Any exterminator can eliminate bugs by walk into a home or business and start spraying pesticides everywhere. The problem with that technique is pesticides are not always necessary. It’s the equivalent of bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Use Steam Solutions

A good environmentally friendly exterminator using IPM techniques will access each individual situation to determine what methods are necessary. Many bugs can not thrive in extreme heat. Often times, a high pressure heating will eliminate pests. Steam can be used to kill bugs without using any insecticides whatsoever. Many companies use steam as part of a mattress cleaning system. This will help to alleviate allergies and asthma.

Utilizing Traps

Again, pesticides are not needed for every problem. Before reverting to the use of chemicals to eliminate pests, an eco-friendly exterminator will try other options, including traps and other luring devices.

Stay Up to Date

It is important that green exterminators constantly research their products. Some chemicals that were once considered safe were later proven to be harmful. It is up to the exterminator to make sure that they are not using outdated products and technologies.

All Natural Pest Removal Products

Many companies, such as EcoSmart, offer pesticides that are safe for children or pets, while still maintaining effectiveness for removing insects and other pests. These insecticides are also designed to not harm the environment.