Going Bold With Your Outdoor Christmas Decorating

So, when it comes to organising your holiday season display, you have decided that this year it is a matter of “out with the old, in with the new” . Maybe in previous years you have done little to bring Christmas to your garden, perhaps just a seasonal welcome sign and a simple wreath with plastic holly berries on the door. This time, though, you want to be bold; you want to tell the world that you and your family are in good Christmas spirit, and at the same time bring enjoyment to those who visit or pass by your home. What sort of outside Christmas ornaments and decorations can you use which may not have been available in Grandma’s Day?

Bigger is not always better, but if you want an outdoor display that attracts attention, then large decorations are a good starting point. When it comes to the larger decorations, they have certainly come a long way in recent years and would surely dazzle Grandma. In recent decades, the more common use of lighting effects to create animation has transformed outdoor Christmas displays around the world.A large animated Santa with sleigh and reindeer, either on the roof or in the front garden, will win a lot of admirers.

It is not only Santa and his reindeer who have gone “hyper ornament”. More modern variations, such as Santa on a motorbike, can be a great way to light up the yard. Santa may also be displayed in an animated train, or with his helpers at the workshop, and in other variations of the Christmas scene; snowmen, angels and other popular Christmas characters have also joined the giant animated family.

Do you love the tradition of a Christmas nativity scene ouside your home? Even that has been modernised in recent years, with large lighted versions available that can set a magical scene in the front yard. You can find complete giant nativity sets, prelit, and all ready to set up outside. If you prefer, though, it is no problem finding individual pieces, such as a single or three wise men, stable, donkey, manger with Joseph and Mary, or a Star of Bethlehem. Put them out in your own arrangement, and they will delight all who see them. If buying individual items, though, be sure to check sizes so you can keep them in some sort of size perspective. Remember, if you are in a windy area, or a place prone to storms, to weigh down the large outside ornaments with heavy sand bags, or an alternative method.

Once you have chosen all your outdoor nativity sets, and other Christmas decorations, it just remains to set them all up, which is fun (isn’t it?), and have yourself a wonderful holiday season to end the year with a happy flourish.