Store More, Stress Less With Kitchen Cabinets

When we talk about dealing with stress, we think of yoga or meditation; but what about kitchen cabinets? Let’s face it: Disorder is disruptive, especially in the kitchen. People are constantly coming and going. Drawers are continually opening and closing. Properly designed though, kitchen cabinets can go a long way to removing your clutter and reducing your stress. Because in assessing the value of modern kitchen cabinets, it’s what inside that counts.

Here’s to Your Health

As coping strategies go, drinking is not recommended. A drink station, on the other hand, might be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re always scrambling to find your favorite wine glass or handy bottle opener, you’re due for a change. Try creating a designated area for related items. Utensils that are less frequently used can be stored in upper kitchen cabinets with garage-style doors, while cups and glasses are displayed on open shelves below. It’s a great way to boost convenience and visual appeal while lowering your blood pressure at the same time.

Get your Kicks

When you find yourself always tripping over items without a home like shallow pans or linens, it’s time to kick the habit: Literally. Assuming you don’t already have them, install toe-kick drawers – which are recessed drawers at your feet that let you get close to the counter – beneath your lower kitchen cabinets to take advantage of dead space. You can store any number of things in them, and they are made to blend seamlessly with drawers and cabinets above. Just be sure to make all your toe-kick drawer fronts the same to maintain a consistent look.

Sitting Pretty

A window seat can be the perfect opportunity to combine form and function. When situated in a bay window overlooking the back yard, it’s a wonderful way to unwind after a frantic weekday breakfast. And by installing drawers or kitchen cabinets underneath, you’ll spend less time stressing over clutter and more time enjoying the view.


Sometimes “out of sight, out of mind” can be a benefit in keeping things tidy. But when it applies to something that you use regularly, too far out of sight could drive YOU out of your mind. In order to get large appliances off the counter yet still have them within reach when you need them, install pop up shelves in lower kitchen cabinets. With spring loading, the shelf will easily offer up even the heaviest gadget at counter height, so you can avoid heavy lifting and protect both your back and your mind while you’re at it.

If You’ve Bought it, Flaunt it

Although stowing it may be the right call for certain items, sometimes “showing it” is the way to go. That’s where upper kitchen cabinets with glass fronts can really shine. This approach allows lesser used items to stay behind the scenes in traditional cabinets while that decorative bowl or sterling silver tray takes centre stage. It’s especially effective in an all-white kitchen, as the glass provides a captivating contrast to the rest of the room.

Get into the Swing of it

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of stretching and straining to snag those elusive pots or pans in the very back of kitchen cabinets, a swing out shelf is the perfect remedy. Instead of letting that hard to reach bowl get the better of you, you can gain the upper hand when you come out swinging.

In the realm of stress relief, yoga and meditation will always have their place. But with kitchen cabinets that are custom designed to bring order to chaos, you can achieve the same inner peace and never be asked to imitate a Downward Facing Dog.

Need we say more?