Open for Inspections – Do They Sell a Home?

There’s a well known stage in the property sale process known as “open for inspections”. However, some people are unsure as to whether they are a help or a hindrance as they are time consuming, inconvenient and are sometimes expensive.

Making an Open for Inspection Worth your While

You’ll often find that there is far more involved with an open for inspection than initially thought. It certainly isn’t a case of simply opening the front door and letting people wander through your house or letting the agent do it for you! Some things that will really make a difference to the success of your open for inspection are:

• Cleaning the property from top to bottom: Make sure you do both the interior and the exterior of the house. Better yet, go out onto the street and pick up any small pieces of rubbish that may be lying around. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to the overall appearance of the house.

• Maintaining the right temperature: If you are selling the property in summer, make sure the air conditioner is on and the house is cool and in winter make sure the property is warm and cosy.

• Making sure you have plenty of brochures: If you run out, the one person that misses out could have been the person who may have purchased your property.

• Smelling like Roses: While you don’t want a fragrance to be overpowering to potential purchasers, the house should smell fresh and clean. Buy some fragrant flowers. Not only will they smell nice, but they are also lovely to look at.

Will the Open for Inspections Really Sell the Property?

There are a few important factors to consider when answering this particular question. For starters, you’ll find that many people are generally “sticky beaking” on inspection days, which is the nature of the beast and perfectly normal.

However, a great reason for having an open for inspection is to gauge the interest of the property. Many buyers will often have their poker faces on when looking through properties, but in most cases, if they are interested, you will see them at more than one open for inspection.

By opening up the property to potential purchasers, it really allows you to showcase the home and really demonstrate the benefits that photos cannot portray. While price and potential often come into the equation for buyers, seeing the property first hand will always allow them to create a connection of sorts and make it far easier for them to make a decision on whether or not they want to consider buying the property.