Water Filter for the Entire House – How to Decide

Water filters of a whole house are linked to the main supply line in order for water to be treated before entering the house. Whole house water filters are not like Point of Use filters – since they are connected to all the faucets and sinks to deliver clean water to drink, clean, cook, wash clothes, bathe and flush the toilet.

Tips on Choosing the Best Water Filter for the Entire House

These filters are available in a various shapes and functionalities to suit homeowners’ needs. So they can determine the best water filter for them, they should analyze their water supply, know their purpose of filtration, filter quality, costs involved plus other features.

Analyze the water supply.

As a first step, they should have their water tested for contaminants to know the quantity and different types. If their water source is a well, private company or river, they can use any of the cheap water testing tools in the market for accurate reports or hire a water specialist to carry out the task.

If their water comes from a public facility that the government provides, they can ask for a water quality index report from the supply area in their locality. This report will suggest the type of filtration suited to their needs.

Check the flow rate of faucets and hoses.

Homeowners should first check the flow rate of their faucets and hoses before buying water. Otherwise, this can cause variation in pressure. It is possible for hoses to burst or leakages to increase when their flow rate is lower than that of water filters.

On the other hand, if it is the other way around, there will be low flow of water, which can result to frequent choking because of air filling. Also, the flow rate variation of faucets and water filters has an effect on the way filter cartridges function and shortens the lifespan. It is critical to check the flow rate of all faucets to get an estimate then buy a product that has 1 to 2 gpm higher flow rate.

Filtration purpose

Water filters for whole house use are powerful. They are available in a large variety of sizes as well as flow rates to deliver the best solution to users that range from small houses to large commercial industries.

Having a storage tank can help homeowners get the right size of filter for the whole house. However, when relying on direct water supply, the filter size is based on the water usage per day. To compute the amount of water consumed daily, they can check the water meter particularly on laundry days for a more accurate measurement.

Seller and manufacturer credibility

The top sellers and manufacturers offer free shipping costs, installation plus services. It is also critical to consider the warranty as well as free service period. Water filters for whole house use are most efficient with polypropylene cartridges however, not all manufacturers are able to give FDA approved cartridges. The seller or manufacturer should directly install if they supply the service or comes from a licensed plumber. When homeowners install it themselves the warranty may become void in most cases.