Advantages Of Durable Bamboo Flooring

The price of bamboo flooring

You can find bamboo flooring of different qualities in the market and therefore different prices; the cheapest is usually .55 inches thick. Instead, bamboo flooring of 0.7 and .55 inches wide plank have a slightly higher price, but still, opting for the placement of durable bamboo flooring is a decision that will be worth every dollar invested because it is not only a cheaper material than many of the wood floors on the market, but it is also more durable. Its maintenance is easier and less expensive, which will result in significant savings. These prices make this a product with an excellent price-quality ratio, with the hardness of a wood floor, and with an unbeatable price. This is because bamboo forests have a much higher growth speed than other woods, and their technical characteristics are a symbol of hardness and durability. That is why, having so much raw material, the price of wood is lower compared to other woods.

Easy Installation

The installation of the floating bamboo floor is done in the same way as floating floors, which is the reason for its name. Solid bamboo planks come with a click system composed of a male and a female port. This makes the installation of the floor simple, fast, and without the need for adhesives or glues. At the same time, these wood planks are treated, meaning that they do not need to be polished and lacquered once the laying of the material is finished.

With click technology, bamboo floors can be installed over other floors without chopping or removing the existing material. Therefore, its installation speed is incredibly superior to another wood flooring.

Cleanliness of installation

Unlike the installation of other floors, with durable bamboo flooring, there is no need to lacquer or glue the bottom. That is why we can say that it is clean compared to the installation of wood flooring or ceramic tile flooring.


Bamboo wood flooring can be as complicated or harder than woods such as oak or maple, but it can also be softer-so buyers should exercise vigilance and test samples of the product before purchasing. Factors affecting the hardness of bamboo flooring include:

  • The amount of time the wood has aged.
  • The conditions in which it is grown.
  • The color.

The darker flooring is created by the heat and steam of bamboo in a caramelization process, which also results in a softer floor. Bamboo wood flooring requires little cleaning or maintenance and will last as long as it lasts if adequately maintained.


The durable bamboo flooring is less likely to be damaged by insects than traditional wood flooring. It is more resistant to water damage. For this reason, it is often recommended for kitchens and bathrooms over hardwood options. Bamboo wood flooring is also generally easier to cut and install than hardwood and can be installed on a wide variety of sub-floors.

Beautiful Finish

Bamboo flooring is a beautiful, elegant, and uniquely finished product. That is why one of its main advantages is the beautiful finish that characterizes it, making durable bamboo flooring your best choice.

Ecological Advantage

As we already mentioned, the advantages of installing this material in your home are numerous. However, the last one is the most beneficial since it helps the environment. Unlike another wood flooring, bamboo flooring is called eco-friendly because of the rapid growth of bamboo forests. Thanks to their speed of change, cutting these forests does not harm the environment since their size is maintained over time, and no green areas disappear. They are making the option of durable bamboo flooring a tremendous ecological alternative.


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