How to Clean Laminate Flooring

After installing your laminate floors the next thing that you need to learn about is how to clean laminate floors. The first thing that you should know about cleaning laminate flooring is that it really only needs minimal care. It is a good idea to sweep your laminate regularly. By sweeping your floor you will be removing dirt and debris that could wear down the finish on your laminate floor or that could potential discolor your laminate floor.

Some laminate flooring manufacturers also recommend that you use a cleaning solution periodically to remove sticky substances from your floor, or to remove mud and other moist debris. These cleaners are also recommended on a periodic basis to help restore the finish of your laminate floor. The manufacturer of your flooring product probably will have their own brand of laminate floor cleaner and refinishing spray.

In addition to sweeping and cleaning your laminate flooring with a cleaning solution you may also need to occasionally replace damaged boards. This can be very difficult to do. One method is to use a skill saw to separate the damage board from its neighbors. Simply place the blade on the joint and press down. This will saw through the tongue and groove and allow you to remove the damaged board. If this is a glued floor then you will need to saw off the tongues on the new board as well so that it will fit in the space left by the damaged board. Apply wood glue to all four edged of the replacement board and insert it into the open space. Wipe away excess glue. That is all you will have to do to maintain your laminate flooring.