Turn Your Home Into A Green Home Today!

With environmental concerns becoming more and more tangible with each passing day, state and governments have passed laws and ordinances to ensure that homeowners under their jurisdiction are staying in a manner, which does not affect the environment in an overtly negative manner. However, at the core of these laws and ordinances lies a belief that our actions must be more responsible towards our environment, be it in our daily activities or any new initiative, we embark on.

With greenhouse gases causing the global phenomenon, rising energy costs, depleting fossil fuel reserves, wastage has become an activity only the foolish can choose to indulge in. Responsible citizens owe it to themselves and their future generations to adopt initiatives to ensure a greener tomorrow. These initiatives can encapsulate the maximizing of the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of the very home we live in. It may come across as a dauntingly expensive endeavor but that, as you will see in the tips listed below, is hardly the case –

* Lighting – Lasting up to fifteen times longer and using a third of the required energy, C.F.L. or Compact Florescent Lamps have already found widespread adoption in all existing and new constructions. With L.E.D. or Light Emitting Diodes entering the market, homeowners can now avail the technology, which is even more efficient, requiring only a tenth of the total operating cost of an incandescent bulb of the same brightness, free from all the environmental concerns associated with C.F.L. technology like mercury content.

* Styling – With homes being an extension of a homeowner’s personality, there are many ways to decorate your home while becoming more energy efficient. Installing water saving toilets, shower heads, taps and faucets is one way, opting for a more natural decor theme is another option. Using environment friendly paints and appliances in your home is a great way to stay green as well.

* Flora – There is also room for saving in this aspect of the home. Getting a beautiful landscape for your home free from any need of watering and additional maintenance is as simple as using plants, which are native to your locality, since they are easy to grow and maintain as well, as they use lesser water.

* Taxes – One way of saving a large amount of money is by making sure your home is in accordance with the guidelines proposed by the U.S. Department of Energy. These guidelines offer tax credits to homeowners who install products like energy-efficient insulation, windows, roofs, doors, as well as temperature controlling equipment. Homes installing solar power and water heating can receive credit up to thirty percent as per the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

So as you can see, having an environmentally sound home can have benefits that can spread to other areas of your daily life as well, which just goes to show that going green can also keep the green in your wallet intact.