Learning How to Stay Warm on a Budget

The only thing I dislike about winter is the cold it brings. If I stay too long out in the cold it gets to my bones and I find it extremely hard to warm up. So in time I’ve come with a few solutions that are likely to improve your well being in the cold months of the year and also not break the budget.

First of all, make sure your home is properly insulated. The cold usually creeps in under the doors and windows. The best solution to this is having the insulation done professionally, which is also the costly method. Prices tend to go up especially during winter, proportionally with your need to have it done. So if that’s not an option for the time being, try to block the cold wind with towels. Roll up some towels and place them at the bottom of your doors or at the base of the window. In order to insulate the actual frame of the window go to the store and buy a few yards of tape. There’s a special rubber tape that is applied all along the inside of the frame. It is extremely cheap and it does a great job of holding it together for at least two seasons. Towels and rubber help a lot, but keep in mind that these are temporary solutions, and if you experience further inconvenience you should really start thinking about proper insulation for the future.

Buy some down comforters or fleece comforters. This is perhaps the best invention in household items in the past century. They weigh next to nothing and the warmth they provide is fantastic. Whenever you’re lying down to take a nap or sleep over night make sure you have a couple at hand. They will provide an excellent and comfortable sleep with maximum warmth.

Make best use of whatever means of internal heating you have. If you’re on central heating but can’t afford to spend a lot by powering it up indefinitely, calculate your dosage well. Leave it off when you go to work and turn it on whenever you are at home. If you’re using it very economically you will not have a great comfort out of it, but it will be better that not having it at all.

Hot tubs. Jacuzzi is out of the question since we’re talking low budget, but some hot steam is welcome. To create a sauna effect go to the smallest bathroom you have, close the doors and the windows and put some rolled up towers at the bottom of the frames then turn the water on in the tub on its hottest setting. In 15 minutes tops your bathroom will be scalding hot, with steam that can rival any sauna out there. If you’re feeling uncomfortable take a cloth and dampen it in cold water and use it to gently rub your skin. After 20 minutes of this treatment the cold is guaranteed to stay away from your bones for the rest of the day.