Facts On Geothermal HVAC Systems

Geothermal HVAC systems otherwise called ground source heat pumps, is one of the most energy efficient systems obtainable. Earth is the heat source used during winter and heat sink summer time. It takes advantage of the compromising temperature of the ground to increase the efficiency and at the same time aims to reduce the energy cost of heating and cooling systems.

A geosolar system is a combination of solar heating and ground heat sources (geothermal heat pumps). Energy savings are estimated at 25 to 70%, depending on the situation are derived using geothermal HVAC systems. Two efficiency ratings are used to measure units of cooling and heating efficiency.

The energy efficiency rating or EER is used to calculate cooling efficiency rating. The heating efficiency uses coefficient of performance or COP to calculate the heating effect ratings. Geothermal pumps are becoming trendier and most used by residential homeowners for heating and cooling applications.

Taking advantage of the geothermal technology, users can take advantage of huge savings on electric bills by using ground source or the geothermal heat pumps. The technology entails no unpleasant noise outdoor unit, tremendous cost savings than other sources of heating and more reasonable operational cost.

Geothermal Systems comes in Different Types

You will discover some basic sorts of geothermal (heat pump) ground never-ending loop systems. To mention the three ground loop systems; horizontally, straight, in addition to pond/lake are usually shut down never-ending loop systems.

There is an additional option which is called the open-loop alternative. Which often one of those is the most suitable depending on the climate, soil problems, readily available land, in addition to local setting up expenses. This loop system is basically the most affordable and cost effective for household installation. In a closed loop system, interaction of water and ground is eliminated; merely heat traversing along the pipe.

What are the Benefits in Using Geothermal Heat Pumps

Green solutions has proven to be the most effective means to save money from energy cost and at the same time, environmental friendly solutions to give benefit to users. Using geothermal systems can give you the benefits since this can be use almost everywhere in the world:

• most effective way to achieve energy and cost effective; save fossil fuel resources

• gives unpolluted heating and cooling, secretion from blazing fuel.

• the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency graded geothermal heat pumps among the most effective heating and cooling technologies there is today.

• Geothermal heat pumps offers guaranteed elevated ease to your home.

These types of devices usually do not require any additional energy origin to help warm your house and to achieve hot water. It indicates no probable Co2 Monoxide disbursement, no allergy symptoms by combustibles without external oxygen required for combustion.

Geothermal heat system disperses air evenly in your home, so heat range variance is lesser than that of a conventional product. When compared with other air-source warmers, geothermal systems do not lose their capability to warm as the outdoor heat range declines. This gives you maximum comfort and

totally peace of mind.